Present your company, product or service on social media and your website with a promotional video. In this short portrait, your potential customer has the opportunity to get to know your brand and the people behind your company.


Record your workshops, internal presentations, or other corporate events, to increase their reach within your company and improve cost-efficiency and knowledge transfer.


Perhaps the most important phase in the whole process: the core message is defined, the target audience determined and the visual appearance of the video conceived.


Using the latest digital tools on the day of shooting, pictures and sounds are produced to the best quality. This could be an interview situation, a product presentation or a live event.


State-of-the-art software is used to combine image, sound and graphics to visually support the pre-defined message.


The finished video can be placed in various versions on different online media. Be it on your website or on multiple social media channels.

About Me

I am an independent video producer from Basel. Transforming personal messages into unique audio-visual productions fascinates me and Ilove to work with people to help them articulate their ideas.

Everyone, every business and every product has its own, distinct narrative. Let us tell this story together, and share your passion with the world.